Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Brandon's Mom (Debbie), our sister-in-law (Laniey) and our nephew (Colten) came to visit over the long weekend.

Ready for the photo version of the visit?? There are a bunch of them so I made them small. Click on the photos to enlarge them...

Chandler and Riley helping me clean by wiping down the bathroom cabinets.

Saturday started with a trip out to Dr. Bilbo's farm...


Have you ever wondered what 20,000 baby chicks look like?
It's hard to tell from this photo, but when you are actually there in the house it is overwhelming... and I don't just mean the smell! :)

Brandon and Chandler with a chick

Chandler and Colten venturing deeper into the chicken house. The chicken scatter when you walk.


Saturday afternoon was a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium.

Aunt Laniey and Cousin Colten admiring a tree frog.

I think these are alligators (not crocodiles), but I may be wrong. There is also a turtle up there lounging with them. :)

Chandler and "the world's largest turtle (or tortoise?) shell. The plaque said it was over 100,000,000 years old. I was reading it to Chandler and I made a side comment that I doubted that it was actually that old. Chandler later told someone, "I saw the largest turtle shell, but mommy says it's not really 100 years old!"

Riley spent the trip riding in her stroller.
As long as I stopped occasionally to give her a little attention she was ok.

Me or a friendly plant. Either one was fine with her. :)

This made me laugh! It is a hand dryer in the mouth of a shark!
I wonder how many kids have refused to use it out of fear of losing an arm???

Bubbles... I don't know his actual name so his "Finding Nemo" name will have to do!

And Dory

There was a butterfly garden in the top of the Ocean building. The butterflies were flying all around and if you stopped long enough, one might land on you. In fact, as you are leaving you are instructed to check yourself for hitchhikers! :)

Can't you just see how much my girls love me... and LOVE to have photos made with me!
Chandler told me after the photo that she didn't smile because the butterflies wouldn't land on her!

PENGUINS!!! Chandler had really been looking forward to this part.

She's the same height as an Emperor Penguin.

I'm not sure what kind of penguin this is, but he was striking a pose for us!
None of them swam while we were watching. That was a little disappointing. For the most part they waddled a little and then stood REALLY STILL. Great for photos not so great for little kids!

You may be asking yourself, "WHY?"
Chandler was actually in the center of a tank of water. There was a tube in the middle of a tank for kids to climb up into. What were they looking at??? This.....

I'm terrible at judging the size of things and you know how water and glass distort the images, but I'm going to say that this crab was slightly shorter than the width of my arm span.

The view from under the ocean tank. Yes, that's a shark.

Chandler "rock climbing"

There was a great little "shelf" for kids to climb on. It was like a little cave so once they got in there, they had fish all around and above them.

Riley checking out the fish.

Chandler and the fishies

These were just too funny not to include... Check out Riley's faces!

When we finished our tour, Chandler got the chance to play in the water...

Then we walked a few blocks to Chili's for dinner.

On the way, Chandler took a little "boat ride"

On the way home from Chattanooga, we stopped to pick up "The March of the Penguins" to help round out our animal filled day.

Sunday was church out at the new property followed by a church wide picnic.

Colten and Riley enjoying some sunshine.

We had a great visit and we hope Gran, Aunt Laniey and Colten get to come back soon!


Amanda said...

colten is right in his element with those chickens!

how i love those children! they are precious. looks like you all had a great day. wish i could have been there!