Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Blues...

Friday was BLUE day. I'm a little late posting about it because we had a BUSY day!!

Chandler wanted to wear her blue Cinderella shirt to school.

She had a pretty good day at school. She did have to move her clip to the bottom of the happy face... more talking in the hallway.

After Brandon got home from work we headed over to the park for a birthday party.

At the party the kids ran around, got sweaty and wore themselves out!

We took them home. Put Riley in bed. Got Chandler dressed for bed... then we went out!

The babysitter arrived at 8:00. We went to meet Jonathan and Amy at their house. We had dessert at DQ and then went to the 10:00 showing of The Dark Knight.
I have decided that I am officially too old for the 10:00 showing!

There were pretty much only high school kids and college freshmen in the theatre.

At one point Amy and I turned around and shot death arrows from our eyes at 2 boys sitting behind us... TALKING ON THEIR PHONES!!!! UGH!

We didn't get home until almost 1 am. I'm exhausted today... especially since I had a meeting at 9:30 this morning!


kristy.lynn said...

oooh... i'm so jealous! stephen & i were supposed to have a date night to go see that! with the rain stuff got changed!

chandler is too cute!

Mrs. Jones said...

I've been too old for the 10pm showing since I was 14 years old. My body starts to shut down at 9:30pm. I wouldn't have made it through the previews awake.

Blog's Riley handling Chandler being at school?

Heather said...

Bee would love Chandler's shirt!

I'm jealous of your date night. We haven't gone on an actual night-time date have no idea. Sad.