Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go Big Orange!! NOT!

Have I mentioned that the members of the Miles family are avid UGA fans?

In fact, the very first letter that Chandler learned was "G". You would show her a "G" and she would respond, "Hey! G for Georgia!"

One day at McDonald's during lunch time she walked over to a guy (probably around my age) and said, "Hey! You have a G for Georgia on your hat!" He smiled at her and said, "You know what? You're right!"
She was very proud of herself.

So, that being said... today was ORANGE day at school. Chandler owns NOTHING orange. Especially because the most common orange in Tennessee is that obnoxious Tennessee Volunteer Orange! YUCK!

What did we buy to wear on ORANGE day?? An obnoxious orange shirt. It was the only one in the store... no variation on shade!
At least it doesn't say "University of Tennessee" on it! :)

She was all about striking a pose today! :)

She had another good day. Didn't even have to move her clip!


Heather said...

I love her proud pose!

We own nothing orange either. I think it's because orange gives my skin a sickly, yellow tinge, like I have a really bad case of stomach flu or something. So, I don't buy it for the kids either.

Chandler looks great in it though!

Heather said...

Let's see - big Georgia fans, you don't own anything orange - I'm pretty sure you live in the wrong state!

kristy.lynn said...

ok. see you could be a little better and say it was a throw back to your florida days ;)

Graham said...

I hate to say it, Jen, but I think orange is a good color for Chandler. It sets off her strawbery blond hair. The red was stunning, but the orange is "so Chandler!" Cute video on Riley on your previous post. Miss Danna

Miss Debbie said...

Chandler is, without a doubt, the cutest K-5'er since her Aunt Amanda!!! We are so proud of her--glad she is having a good week.Hugs and kisses to her from Gran and the Chief!