Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cute and Entertaining

I just spent Riley's nap time folding clothes and cleaning my living room. Boring, right? Well, I've had a DVD sitting on top of the entertainment center for almost a week.... I've been waiting patiently for Brandon to watch it with me, but "our" evenings have been a little tied up in something called The Olympics. :)
Normally I'm a big fan of The Olympic Games, but this year it seems off... maybe it's because I missed Opening Ceremonies. I don't know.

ANYWAY... this DVD is basically collecting dust on my entertainment center so I decided to pop it in the player while I folded and cleaned.

Penelope. Cute movie. Fun story. Clean language. Lovable character... and let me just add... James McAvoy. :)

AND because of my previous "promise" to TRY to avoid mentioning THAT book series and THAT movie... I'm NOT going to tell you all about the great sneak peek at a brand new scene from THAT movie coming out in December. It's only a few seconds long... so I didn't feel guilty for watching it twice. :)

So, check out Penelope (and THE preview... make sure you watch the whole thing. The sneak peek is at the end of the behind the scenes part!).


amber edgeworth said...

That movie looks cute. Maybe I will use my free rental on it!

The Sharpe's said...

how do i get a cute layout like yours?

Shauna said...

I am really wanting to see this movie!!!