Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On my list for today...

Here's what today's to-do list looked like before I went to bed last night...

*Get a shower
*Get Chandler ready for school
*Get Riley changed
*Take Chandler to school
*Feed Riley breakfast
*Sort the dirty clothes
*Start the laundry
*Go to Chattanooga for a dentist appointment
*Finish my Twilight movie review
*Send a few e-mails
*Feed Riley lunch
*Put Riley down for a nap
*Start more laundry
*Clean the living room
*Get Chandler from school
*Start more laundry
*Work on dinner
*Eat dinner
*Pack, pack, pack

Nothing too exciting.

Here's what happened...

*Awake at 3:30am to Chandler yelling, "Mom! Dad! I'm gonna throw up!"
*Brandon takes care of Chandler
*I take care of Riley who has been startled awake by Chandler's yelling
*Tuck Chandler into my bed
*Console Riley for about 45 minutes
*Fall asleep on Chandler's twin bed with Riley poking me in the face until she passes out
*Awake at 6:00am to go crawl back into my bed
*Awake at 7:00am to Chandler asking if she can go to the bathroom to throw up!
*Get a quick shower... hoping that Chandler doesn't get sick while I'm in there!
*Make Chandler a bed out on the sofa
*Get a cup of coffee... finally!
*Startled to death to find Riley standing behind me as I pour my coffee... I forgot she wasn't in her crib!
*Ask Brandon to cancel my dentist appointment
*Console Chandler after Riley smacks her in the head with a "Little People" van
*Sort the laundry
*Start a load of laundry
*Watch "Elf" with the girls
*Send a few e-mails
*Give both girls medicine
*Make lunch for Riley
*Put Riley down for a nap
*Fall asleep on the love seat watching Dora
*Wake to Chandler climbing on top of me!
*Finish my Twilight Movie Review
*Get Riley up from her nap...
*Take the sheets off of her crib... because she took off her pants and diaper at some point and wet the bed.
*Take some Tylenol............


Renata said...

One of those days - it's frustrating when you have all the good intentions & then someone get's sick & it throws all your plans out!!
Hope Chandler's feeling better soon & no one else gets the bug.

Heather said...

You might have had to reschedule a few things, but you still got to the important stuff like your Twilight review! I hope Chandler is better before Thanksgiving and that she doesn't pass it on!

Jaime Lynn Barks said...

Ummm . . this doesn't really help me get excited about having a baby :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Yikes, girl...what a day. I think this yuckiness is going around everywhere - I am trying my best to avoid it so we don't get sick before Thanksgiving. Hope she feels better soon!

Jenn said...

I'm sorry you had such a crazy day, but I did want to tell you that I love your sidebar Twilight links. It made me smile! :)