Tuesday, June 3, 2008

5 Days without Daddy: Day 2

2 days down. 3 to go!

I slept pretty good last night. Unfortunately I didn't fall asleep until 1:00am. Once I got to sleep I think I only stirred a few times... Even when Brandon is here I don't sleep through the night, but at least I don't have to wake up every few hours devising an escape plan should someone break into our house or the kitchen spontaneously com bust in the middle of the night. :)

I woke this morning with a KILLER headache. The kind that you just know won't be affected by a few Tylenol. I slept as late as I possibly could then had to DRAG myself to the shower in order to get Chandler to her 10:00 swim lesson on time.

We made it to the Y with a few minutes to spare.

Riley isn't very good at sitting through the swim lesson so after she ate her banana I took her to the nursery.

Swim Lesson Recap:
She did AMAZING!
She's still having trouble "laxing" enough to float on her back. I noticed today that she will FIGHT to keep her ears out of the water. If you know how to float on your back you know you have to get your ears below the water to successfully float. I think she's fighting because of SO MANY ear infections her first year of life and the swimmer's ear she developed during swim lessons last year. NOTE TO SELF: Talk to her swim teacher before the lesson starts tomorrow.

Biggest accomplishment of the session:
She jumped off of the diver's block 3 times! Last year the distance between the diver's block and the water's surface made her really nervous... this year, no problem! I did notice that she hesitated slightly before her 1st jump. She said something to her teacher (I couldn't hear because I was sitting behind the observation glass at the shallow end of the pool). The teacher responded and then she jumped. Of course there was a guy in the water to help catch the kids who were nervous about jumping into the deep end of the pool!

Conversation at the end of the lesson:
C: "Mom! Did you see me jump in the deep water?"
J: "Yeah Chan! You did GREAT! I was so proud of you."
C: "It was a little scary, but my teacher said the boy would catch me."
J: "Yep and he did catch you."
C: "Well, not really. I went under water a little, but he touched my arms."
J: "Well, that just means that you didn't really need him to catch you. You did it all by yourself."
C: "Yeah, but I still want him to try to catch me. I'm going to tell my teacher that at the next swim lesson."

When Chandler's lesson was over, she and I head to the outdoor pool. I left Riley in the nursery. I still had my headache and I wasn't up for chasing both of them!

She found a friend with a "surfboard".

And some friends who wanted to play "Tag! You're it!"

After about 30 minutes, one of our friends showed up with her 2 little girls. One is Chandler's age and the other is Riley's age.
I had planned to leave after about an hour outside, but they were playing so well together (and it was nice to talk to another mommy of 2 girls the same age as my girls) that I hated to drag Chandler away. Instead I went inside and brought Riley out for a swim.
She did really well. She didn't wander quite as much as on Saturday, but I didn't get to sit very much!

Riley trying to figure out a CapriSun. :) She just kept squeezing it all over herself.

"I may be juice soaked, but I'm still cute!"

Notice her red arm band? All kids 14 years old and under MUST wear an arm band to be allowed in the pool.
My friend with the 2 girls and I thought it was silly for Riley and her baby to wear arm bands considering the arm bands are to notify the lifeguards of each child's swimming ability.
Do you know any 13 month olds or 15 month olds who can swim?

We had lunch at home and then we all crashed for a good nap. I don't think Chandler actually slept, but she did lay down on the sofa with me while I dozed in and out.

Other than my headache which I still had at dinner time, the day was pretty uneventful UNTIL just before 7:00...

Chandler has a HORRIBLE habit of NOT FLUSHING THE TOILET! I don't understand why it's so hard, but she can't do it! I've reminded her time and time again that she MUST flush the toilet especially now that Riley can walk (I bet you can see where I'm going with this...).

Just before 7:00 Chandler was having a snack and watching a movie (I know, surprise, surprise!). Riley was wandering back and forth from her room to the living room. I could hear her little feet slapping across the hardwood and then the kitchen and then the sound of her hand dragging along the wall in the hallway on her way to her room.
A few minutes go by and I hear her laughing... no big deal.
I go check on her and she is in the bathroom with 2 HANDFULS OF PEE PEE SOAKED TOILET PAPER! I would like to tell you that I caught her just as she committed this horrendous act, but NO. She had already smeared pee pee soaked toilet paper all over the floor, the toilet and the tile walls. UGH! **Did I mention that I STILL have my headache?

So, my kids went to bed PROMPTLY at 8:00 with a stern warning to not even THINK about getting out of bed or calling me for anything other than vomit! :)
Ok, not really, but they did go to bed at 8 and I did tell Chandler that I didn't want her getting up.

I soaked up the water on the floor with the towels from their baths (yes, I washed all of the nasty pee pee toilet paper off of her!) and tossed everything that could be machine washed in the washer.

As soon as I wrap up this blog I'm off to scrub the bathroom floor. I planned to do it on Friday, but apparently Riley had other plans for me! :)

I know, at least it wasn't poopy toilet paper!


Heather said...

Aahhh! Cakes did the very same thing! At 12 months, she was going through a toilet obsession phase. If you couldn't find her, chances are she was playing in the potty. The worst was when I caught her just as she dunked a vanilla wafer in the toilet, and PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!

kristy.lynn said...

omg. that's funny but not, ya know? sorry you had to bear it all with a headache.. know the feeling! went through mason's birthday w/ a headache.. it was rough!