Thursday, June 5, 2008

5 Days without Daddy: Day 3

No pictures today. Sorry!

I slept good Tuesday night. Went to sleep at midnight after scrubbing the bathroom floor. I think I slept most of the night. I tossed and turned some, but nothing too bad.

We got up Wednesday morning and headed out about 9:45. We made it to the Y with just a few minutes to spare.
Chandler had her lesson... apparently they did something new, but I was chatting with a friend from church and missed it. I guess Chandler will not be giving me a thumbs up for being a good watcher!

After the lesson she joined Riley in the nursery so Amy and I could work out.

While I was waiting for Amy, the friend I had been chatting with during the swim lesson grabbed me for a "pre workout warm up".
HA! We did 5 minutes on a stair machine... the machine had actual steps that moved on a conveyor belt of sorts... IT ALMOST KILLED ME!

Amy arrived and we did our 25 minutes on the elliptical machine, free weights and a few machines.

After working out we all headed out to the pool. THANK GOODNESS FOR MS. AMY!! :)

We had lunch poolside, Chandler swam her little heart out, Amy and I wrangled with Riley, and we chatted with a few other moms.

After about an hour and a half we headed home and Ms. Amy went to pick up their dog at the groomers.

At home, Riley crashed, Chandler had a snack and watched a movie, and I worked on getting all of our pool stuff washed and put away... a daunting task.

About 5:30 we started getting ready for church.
I had to meet a new nursery worker so she could fill out her employment paperwork at 6:00, teach the Cherub Choir at 6:30, and teach a summer class on scrapbooking at 7:00. I REALLY MISSED BRANDON TONIGHT!

I remembered at 5:30 that I forgot something I would need for my scrapbook class. We RAN (pretty much literally) into Wal-mart, grabbed what I needed and headed back out. I called the girl I was supposed to meet and told left a message to tell her I was running a few minutes late. The message on her phone was really odd so I began questioning if I had the right number.

We arrive at the church at 6:04. She was patiently waiting on my. I apologized and told her I called her. She opened her purse... she didn't even have her phone with her. I confirmed her number... sure enough, it was wrong.
We did a nursery walk through. We talked pay and scheduling and then I was off to sing and dance with my pre-schoolers.

Cherub Choir was a bit rough tonight. I was lacking the extra energy that pre-schoolers require and the majority of my 2-5 year olds were too tired to care if I was up there doing motions and trying to get them to participate! I had seen several of them at the pool today so I knew they were worn out!
I tried to end early, without being too early so I could set up for my scrapbook class. I normally end at 6:58 so I cut it off at 6:55 and tried to give myself 3 extra minutes to get organized. It didn't help!

I got the the room and set out my stuff. Apparently there was a curriculum thief so I didn't have a Bible story/lesson waiting in my room. Instead we did a meet and greet. More for me than the kids... I work in the nursery and preschool so I'm not familiar with the elementary aged kids.

I had a scrapbook layout for our first class all planned out. In my mind we finished it (or atleast got REALLY close) on the first night.
I never even thought about the possibility that I would have some kids in my class who can't write (they can write, just not very well)! That makes creating a scrapbook layout a little bit harder! :)

I did have a few girls (who will be in the 6th grade in the fall) who seemed to really enjoy the task and took their time to really give it their best.
We only got through step 1. We only have 4 lessons so we are really going to have to work hard!

Class was over at 8:00. I had some kids who didn't get picked up until 8:20 so I was chatting with them and packing my stuff. Then I realized, "OH! I haven't picked up Riley and the nursery workers are probably waiting on me!!"
Ms. Amy to the rescue! She got Riley while I finished loading all of my supplies. Then we both realized that neither one of us had picked up Chandler!
Amy got Chandler and I started heading to the car with all of my stuff.
We met in the hallway. Riley spotted Pastor Jonathan and really wanted to get to him. Further proof that she misses her daddy.

After loading everything in the car the girls got to play on the playground for a little while.

Riley cried when I took her from Amy.

I NEVER WANT TO BE A SINGLE PARENT! However, it has made me realize how much Brandon and I do to "tag team" the girls. I've become pretty dependent on that.

We came home and none of us were very sleepy yet. Chandler wanted a snack and a movie so we all sat down and watched "The Incredibles". After a few minutes, both girls were ready for bed.

I slept pretty bad last night. Mainly because Max, our normally sweet little neighbor dog, sat on OUR FRONT PORCH and barked at something for over 45 minutes. I finally turned on my computer and searched for our neighbor's phone number.
Yes, I called my neighbors who have a 3 year old daughter at 12:45 at night. It was either that or carry Max across the street at 12:45 and pound on their door until they answered. I thought calling was a better idea.

So here we are... Thursday. Brandon gets home tomorrow night!


Heather said...

Jenn, after reading this post, I want to take a nap!

I bet you'll be so happy to have Brandon back :)

Amanda said...

you're doing a really good job keeping up with events! Most of the time I can't remember what I did an hour ago, let alone the whole day...haha.

your story about passing out cracked me up! it was totally bizarre because when I woke up, I had no idea what had happened. I didn't remember falling or being caught or anything. I do have a bruised hip and a scraped elbow today though, so I must have landed on those. it was really funny.