Saturday, June 21, 2008

All About Me from A to Z!

Heather tagged me and everyone else on her blog roll for this little All About Me survey...

A: Attached or single? Attached to my husband for 7 years this coming Monday, June 23rd.

B: Best friends? Brandon. :) After Brandon, Amy ranks pretty high on my list of friends I can count on, complain to, and look silly in front of!! :) She does work out with me 3 times a week... we've had plenty of opportunity to look silly! :)

C: Cake or Pie? Cake. I love cake.

D: Day of choice? Saturday. Brandon is home and we don't HAVE to do anything if we don't want to... of course we usually end up cleaning the house, working in the yard, or running a few errands, but we don't HAVE to be anywhere if we don't want! :)

E: Essential item? Diapers! If we get low on diapers I start to worry... "what if Riley gets a stomach bug and goes through the last 20 diapers in one morning????"

F: Favourite colour? Green. Oddly enough most of my house is painted in shades of brown... from Chocolate brown in my kitchen and hallway to a creamy Caramel brown in my living room.

G: Gummy bears or worms? Bears. I'm with Heather, "I just object to eating anything worm-shaped."

H: Hometown? I think I'm beginning to consider Cleveland home now... It has only been 10 years. It's probably about time. :)

I: Favourite indulgence? Eating out. I would eat out every meal if I could. :)

J: January or July? My birthday and Chandler's birthday are both in January, but we normally do vacations in July so either one if fine... I hate to be cold so the sunny days of July MAY outrank the birthdays in January.

K: Kids? 2 lovely (on occasion) daughters! :)

L: Life isn't complete without....? Brandon and my girls

M: Marriage date? June 23, 2001.

N: Number of brothers & sisters? I have 1 younger sister

O: Oranges or apples? both, but we buy more apples. the girls have a hard time eating oranges without making a mess!

P: Phobias? bugs, snakes, spiders, mice. being confined to a small space... ugh!

Q: Quotes: "There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it." ~A Chinese Proverb
"Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside." ~Rita Rudner

R: Reason to smile? My kids make me smile every day!

S: Season? Fall

T: Tag 5 People: Kristy, Christina S., Emily S., Amy Beth, and Debi

U: Unknown facts: I got into a "fight" in high school and got suspended for 2 days and had to fulfill 2 Saturday clean up campus days. A terrible injustice! Wrongly accused. Probably depending on who you ask. :)
**Note... this WAS an unknown fact because it is NOT something that I am proud of.

V: Veggie? Broccoli... mom, can you believe I just said that???

W: Worst habit: I'm a serious procrastinator!

X: X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound. X-ray implies that something is broken! :)

Y: Your favourite food? Homemade mashed potatoes with extra salt and butter, please!

Z: Zinc or sunscreen? Sunscreen.

There you have it.... Get to writing girls! :)


kristy.lynn said...

funny enough. the first thing that came to mind wasn't 'the incident' but the time you slid off the players bench and busted your rump! i swear we coulda won Americas Funniest Home videos with that one!!!!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What a fun list to read!

I would eat out for every meal too :)

Miss Debbie said...

Well, I learned some things reading your list! You can count on cake when ya'll come for the 4th!! And we'll want to here more about this skeleton you've been hiding!! :-)
Can't wait to have you all here!