Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Talk me some questions...

My family has heard this quite often.
Chandler will get on the phone and say, "Grammy? (Squire?) (Erin?) Will you talk me some questions?"

Basically she is requesting that someone ask her questions about a particular topic (selected by Chandler) and she will give the answers. OR... she'll ask you questions about a preselected topic.

**You need a little background before my story.... Chandler likes for me to tell her stories about Granny (my great grandmother) and Paw Paw (my grandfather). Both of them have passed away. I believe I was 8 when Granny died and I was 12 when my Paw Paw died.
Her 2 favorite stories are about Granny's red car and her magic "red light changing powers" and about Paw Paw's enjoyment of Pickled Pig's Feet! I showed her some pig's feet at Wal-mart last week. She was pretty grossed out and repeatedly asked, "Why would your Paw Paw want to eat pig's feet??"

Today on the way to the Y she says to me...
C: "Mom? Can you talk me some questions about dying?"
J: "Why?"
C: "Just please!"
J: "OK. Any particular dead person you want to talk about?"
C: "No, just talk me some questions."
J: "Well, lots of people have died. You know my Paw Paw died. My Granny died. My Gran and Pa died."
C: "I wish I could meet your Paw Paw." (Actually she calls him Pa Pa)
J: "Well, you will get to meet him in heaven."
C: "But he doesn't know me."
J: "Well, he knows me and he will be excited to find out that you are my little girl."
C: "What will he say when he sees me in heaven?"
J: "He'll probably say, 'Chandler. I've been waiting here a long time and I'm so glad you have come to see me.'"
C: "What else?"
J: "He might say, 'Chandler. Let's go fishing.'"
C: "Ooooo. I love fishing!! What else?"
J: "Oh! Maybe he'll say, 'Chandler. Come over to my house for lunch and we'll have pig's feet!'"
SILENCE from Chandler
J: "You know all about how Paw Paw loved pig's feet."
C: "Mom?"
J: "Yeah?"
C: "Could you pack me a hot dog instead??"


J: "Sure Chan. If they have hot dogs in heaven I'll be sure to pack you one!"


BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Thabks so much for sharing that! I have had a bad day and that was just what I needed. :)

Amanda said...

this is truly hilarious!

you've got a new look going on...i like it!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my goodness. That is some funny stuff.

Thank you for dropping by my blog. Compared to your broken collarbone story, well, I have no room to talk! :)

Your blog is adorable...I'll be back to here the latest cute thing being said.

Carolina Mama said...

What a cute blog! Kids! ;) THanks for stopping by and good luck with my "Win It Wednesday" See ya soon. Warmly,

Miss Debbie said...

I died laughing,too! And so did everyone in the office. That was precious. I'm with Chan--I'd take a hot dog, too. Love your new look--it's happy!!

kristy.lynn said...

i can imagine her saying that! too funny! she is definetely your kid... all that dry wit :)