Friday, June 20, 2008

My little Artist!

Last Saturday morning, while Brandon was cutting the grass, the girls and I headed out for a little fresh air.

Riley decided to show her artistic side...
(Click on photos to enlarge)
**Yes, Riley is in her pajamas! Well the top anyway...

"Please don't disturb me. I'm creating!"

"Hey guys! Come look at my art!"

"Do I have a little something on my face?"

"Looking for inspiration!"

"I bet you never thought to use your front door as a canvas!"

"Here mom! Your camera needs a little color!"

Peeking inside to see what Chandler is doing... "Maybe she'll bring me a juice box."


Here's what Chandler was doing while Riley spent AN HOUR (I've never seen her stay in one place for so long!) on the front step creating...

Being a princess. I know you are probably surprised! :)

Even a princess needs her daily bike ride.

Yes, we have 1 bike, 2 tricycles, and a red wagon in our driveway... don't you?


kristy.lynn said...

that's awesome that riley stayed put in one place so long... and to draw with chalk...
a little budding artist huh? :)