Friday, June 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

I was all prepared to give you a sneak peek at my outfit, but my camera is not cooperating. :(

On top of that, riding in the vehicle from 3:30 am to 11 am this morning has made my ankles nice and swollen... not good for a sneak peek photo of my shoes. :)

Yes, we left our house at 3:30 this morning! UGH!!!

I slept a little off and on on the way down, but only in about 20 minute intervals. Every time I got settled, I felt an apologetic tap on my shoulder....

B: "Jen? Chandler needs another movie. I'm really sorry."

B: "Jen? I'm sorry. Chandler needs a drink."

B: "Hey. Jen? I'm sorry to bug you again, but I think Riley needs her paci."

B: "Jen? When you get a chance could you get me a drink and give me a foot massage?"

Ok. That last one I totally made up, but after being disturbed so many times I actually thought it was a real possibility! :)

None of it was actually Brandon's fault... That's just the life of a mommy on the road. (sigh)

So, we arrived at 11:00. We had lunch. We "rested". We went to the park. We chased the girls... literally chased them. We came home. We had dinner.

My mom, Chandler and I went to Target to pick up some new white sandals for Riley. While I was there I got an awesome pair of Red Patent High Heels. SUPER CUTE!!!

While we were at Target, my mom called my dad to ask a quick question.

Here's what I heard from her end of the phone...

Mom: "What?!?"

M: "How did that happen?"

M: "Oh my goodness!"

M: "Wow!"

M: "I hope you guys put her in bed."

Ok, so at this moment I'm having visions of broken collarbones and bloody faces.

Here's what actually happened.

Riley was playing with my dad's cellphone.

A minute later his phone rings.

It's 911. They were calling to make sure that everything was ok.

My dad then explained that his granddaugher must have accidentally called 911.

They hang up.

A few minutes later. A knock on the door.

It's a cop. Verifing that everyone is ok. :)

**Note to self: If my children ever accidentally call 911... Explain what happened then IMMEDIATELY get dressed so that I will be presentable when the kind police officer shows up at my door. :)

Welcome to the 1st day of vacation!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Yep. Being a mommy on the road is not conducive to sleeping. At all.

I love your new red shoes and I haven't even seen them. I just know they are awesome.

Have fun!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! My little sisters (twins) called 911 one time and what a lovely suprise to have an officer arrive at 6am.Yep! They called 911 at 6am. LOL
Kids are great!
Can't WAIT to se those red shoes! MAMA!!!

Amanda said...

that riley is precocious isn't she? haha

i bet i know which red shoes you got. i saw them and target and loved them and wanted to buy them more than anything, but it was right before i came here and i thought what would i do with those in germany. enjoy them. they are special shoes.

Heather said...

Traveling with children is one of life's great challenges. Babycakes would never take a paci when she was little, so I always had to attempt to hang my boob over the back seat and get it into her mouth so she would quit bawling. Not a pretty sight.

I'm so surprised that we haven't had the accidental 911 call yet. Aaahhh kids...