Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day 2008

I got a little behind in downloading my photos. Here's a Father's Day recap...

We had Brandon open his gifts on Saturday night. I knew Sunday had the potential to be busy between church, naps, and various other things.
Riley was already in bed so she missed out on the presents... It was probably better this way. She had been grumpy all day!

Brandon reading his Coupon Book that Chandler made at the YMCA.

Opening his shirt from the girls/my parents :)

His totally cool/amazing/awesome UGA watch from his equally cool/amazing/awesome wife. :)
Yes, Brandon wears his watch on his right arm... I know it looks wrong, but he's left handed so it works for him!

Chandler showing off a little artwork

Sunday afternoon Brandon and I cleaned out the inside of both vehicles. A daunting task that I had been dreading!! Now it's done and they look great. It's been almost a week and we've managed to keep them clean. :)

The girls enjoying some Capri Sun and a movie while we cleaned the vehicles.
Again Riley is not wearing pants... I didn't realize it, but apparently she spends many days "pantless".


kristy.lynn said...

what a cool watch.
(well aside from that little fact that it's a UGA watch)
i'm sure stephen would LOOOVE it.

glad brandon had a good father's day. :)