Friday, June 13, 2008

The first fruits veggies of our labor...

We have PRODUCE!
Brandon and Chandler picked our very first veggie last night. A squash.
I know my mom and dad are thinking, "Has Jennifer ever even tasted a squash??"

Yes, I've tasted it. Do I like it? No, but my new favorite cookbook, "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld has several recipes calling for squash puree so we planted squash.

Chandler refuses to give me a real smile these days. Instead she flares her nostrils and looks just past the camera. It's driving me CRAZY!!!

Here's what we've planted this year...


(Rounded leaves are cantaloupe. Pointed leaves are cucumbers.)

Yellow Squash

A zillion tomato plants.
I have no idea how many we have.

Bell Peppers and Banana Peppers.
I can't tell the difference in the leaves. Maybe it's because they aren't doing so well!
This is our first year planting peppers... It may be our last.

Same story here. They don't seem to be doing so well.

Cucumber and cantaloupe have done well every year. We usually end up giving quite a bit away because we can't eat it all before it goes bad.
Last year we had a drought so the tomatoes didn't do so well. The lack of rain didn't seem to bother the cantaloupe and cucumbers. :)

Sunday night we had a TERRIBLE storm. We aren't sure we got that much rain in our area, but the wind, thunder and lightening were intense! Brandon even got up to check the news to make sure we weren't in the middle of a tornado.

This is what I found Monday morning...

That huge tree fell. It's one that I had been worried about for some time. Mainly because it could easily take out our bedroom or even worse, the girls' bedroom! When I told Brandon it fell he was only concerned with his garden! :)
It's currently hung up in surrounding trees. We aren't sure if it's "our" tree or if it belongs to the owners of the wooded lot. Brandon seems to think he can take care of it... I would like to call a tree service and have it removed.
Any suggestions???


BoufMom9 said...

oH! My kids love squash! (esp. if it is mashed and spiced with cinnamon & butter. YUM!)
Your garden looks wonderful!!!

kristy.lynn said...

wow. i can't believe you guys grow stuff! like actually grow! not that you don't have green thumbs... but we talk about growing things.. and talk... and talk :) nothing ever really gets in the ground. of course, i have no knack for gardening. despise it. could care less. but the though of growing vegetables that i may or may not eat is interesting :)

love the chandler smile. it's funny when they realize you are snapping away! :)

Miss Debbie said...

Brandon, Dad is so proud of your garden! I'm glad you are enjoying your cookbook. I saw it on the shelf when we were there and meant to ask if you liked it. I'm so grateful that the tree fell where it did. Thank you, God!!Love you all, Gran

Heather said...

I'm jealous...we haven't even managed to get our garden planted because of the weather.

I never have any luck with're supposed to start them in the winter, so they're well established before you put them in the ground, but even when I try to do that, they still don't grow!