Saturday, June 7, 2008

She makes me proud...

This is a blog that my sister will especially enjoy. :)

Chandler woke up about 10 minutes ago. She came shuffling into the bonus room to let me know that Riley is awake and that she is going to get her Polly Pocket Princesses and go watch cartoons.

She comes back only moments later and we have this conversation...

C: "Mom. You know what day is today?" (Translation: Do you know what day it is?)
J: "What day is it?"
C: "Saturday." Said with a huge grin... I thought she was going to say, "Softball party day!"
J: "Wow! How did you know that?"
C: "There's new cartoons on today." :)

We don't have cable or satellite so her only cartoon options are what our antenna will pick up. During the week all she is able to watch is PBS so on Saturday when all of the network channels have cartoons on she's in hog-heaven!

So there you go, Erin. A little flash back to the early to mid 80s! :)


kristy.lynn said...

too funny.
i'm sure she's better off living w/o cable & satellite :)

look it taught her to figure out the day of the week! :)

Heather said...

We only have the networks too, so our kids get a steady diet of PBS Kids. If they whine about it, I always point out that when I was a kid, we only had kid shows on Saturday!

Graham said...

We just got rid of our cable last week, so last night I watched the specials on PBS. HGTV and Hallmark were my faves on cable, but I spent way too much time entertaining myself with those programs. I love your dialogues with Chandler. Don't you love the way little ones express themselves? It's been fun listening to Aubie. Get Gran to tell you what Colton was saying the other day. Adorable!