Thursday, June 5, 2008

5 Days without Daddy: Day 4

No pictures again today. I lost my camera. I remember picking it up last night in the mad dash to get to church on time, but I haven't seen it since.
Maybe I'll get a new one... (please Brandon??)

I mentioned already about how terribly I slept last night. That started the day out on a GREAT note... please note the sarcasm! :)

Swim lesson at the Y. We were running late, but the other little boy in Chandler's group never even showed up so Chan got lots of one on one attention.
*She practiced floating on her back. She's ALMOST got it. She just needs to relax a tiny bit more.
*She jumped into the pool through a hulla-hoop. Yes, much like a circus act. :)
*She did the "backstroke" (or the pre-school version of it).
**Highlight of the lesson... the dreaded PVC pipe.
The teacher holds a PVC pipe vertical in the water touching the bottom of the pool (in the shallow end). The "swimmers" (if you can really call them that yet) take off the lifesaving swim bubble, grab a hold of the PVC pipe, take a deep breath and pull themselves down using the pipe. Now, Chandler is terrified of going under water so I was glad the teacher introduced this on the day that the other boy was absent. That ensured that Chandler had plenty of time to work up her courage. To my surprise it didn't take long. She would basically only go down till the top of her head was just barely under the water and then pop right back up (the whole thing lasted less than a second), but she did it SIX TIMES!!! I was SO proud of her.

We headed home after the lesson. Riley was cranky and Chandler got lots of sun at the pool this week so we took today off. :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that we are were puppy sitting. My friend Amy Beth is out of town for a few days and she entrusted us with her little puppies, Snuggles & Cuddles. We were supposed to have them with us from yesterday (Wednesday) till Monday. Unfortunately, it seems that Riley has a dog/pet allergy.
She was fine yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning, but just before nap time she started getting watery eyes, a light pink rash and sneezed anytime Snuggles got close to her face. I called Amy Beth and she was very understanding. She made arrangements for the little guys to be boarded so we loaded them up and took them to the kennel. Needless to say my girls were pretty upset with me. I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her that I thought Chandler might be upset with me when Chandler confirmed with, "Yes mom. I am very upset with you."

After a tearful goodbye to Snuggles & Cuddles we headed over to McDonald's for a "pick me up" or a "throw up" which ever accurately describes your relationship with the big Mc D. :)
Chandler felt much better after some chicken, apple slices, and playground time.

We then hit Hobby Lobby and the dollar store for goodies for Brandon's Softball Team Party at our house on Saturday. Yes ladies. I know what you are thinking... "Her husband left her for a whole entire week and there is a party at their house on Saturday?!?!? The day after he returns home from having abandoned her?!?!? People are going to come into her house and she had NO HELP preparing for their arrival?!?!?"

In Brandon's defense, I picked the date of the party. I just had no idea (and neither did he at the time) that he would be gone.
I've done a little cleaning here and there... remember I scrubbed the bathroom floor on Tuesday night. :)

The girls are now snug in their beds dreaming about how only the meanest mom in the entire world would take two adorable puppies away after only one day having told them that they would be around for 5 days.



Heather said...

I admire you. If I had been alone with my kids for 5 days, I would not be hosting a party. I would hand the kids off to my husband as soon as he got home, and then I would go get a pedicure. ALONE. In silence.