Monday, March 10, 2008

Another year has gone by.....

I was totally singing Celine Dion as I wrote the title to this blog... hope you are too! :)

Here's Riley's 12 month photo!

It's not my favorite monthly photo, but it will have to do. It's getting more and more difficult to get her to sit still for these photo sessions. Ignore the bruise on her forehead... it was a P.F. Chang's incident. In an attempt to get rice out of her lap Friday night, she banged her head on the edge of the table. It left a nice red mark and was a bruise the next morning. :)

She isn't walking and really shows no interest in it what-so-ever. She only says a few words, "Uh Oh", "Bah" (ball), and "Fffff" (Woof). We have heard her say, "MaMa" but only in a state of complete desperation. :)

BOOKS! She LOVES books.
FOOD! Anytime, Anywhere, Any kind!
Dogs. She will open her Where's My Nose book and point out the "puppy dog" on the page.
Balls. She squeals with excitement anytime we roll a ball to her.
The swing. The enjoys sitting outside in her swing... it doesn't even have to be moving. She just likes to sit in it.

Things she likes, NOT SO MUCH:
Leaving Mom and Dad. She doesn't like for us to leave her in the nursery anymore. That's difficult since I don't have the option of bringing her to choir with me on Sunday mornings!! :) I thought I could trick her one Wednesday night by having Melanie drop her off in the nursery, but she cried as soon as Melanie turned for the door.
Riding in the Cart. Wal-mart, Target, TJ Maxx... it doesn't matter. She just doesn't like it.


kristy.lynn said...

gosh... looking back at her photos month by month is amazing! (i'm sure you feel the same way!) do they ever end up liking riding in the cart? mason still screams when i try and get him in it!! :)

The Miles Family said...

Kristy, when you have another baby (hopefully a girl so I can sell you some bows!!!) Mason will want to ride in the cart... In fact, I bet you he will scream and kick when you put the baby in the cart and make him walk... even if he's 5 years old and WAY too big to ride in the top part of the cart.
Oh wait, maybe that's just Chandler! :)