Friday, March 7, 2008

"We all wanna be big rock stars..."

Real life conversation with Chandler... I couldn't make this stuff up!

Riding to Wal-mart last night in Brandon's truck...

C: "Mom? Can you turn on the radio?"
J: "Sure"
C: "Mom? Can you open that? (pointing to the sunroof) We need to be rock stars!"
J: Smiles and laughs
C: "When rock stars listen to music they do like this." (bobs her head to the music)
J: "Oh. Ok" (bobs her head to the music)
C: "Tomorrow we need to do this with our sunglasses. Rock stars always wear sunglasses."
J: "Silly me. How could I have forgotten our sunglasses at 7:00 at night!"
C: "Mom! We can just pretend we have our glasses!"
J: "Of course!"

You to can be a rock star. Apparently all you need is a sunroof, a little classic rock on the radio, a head bob and some sunglasses (real or pretend!).


kristy.lynn said...

oh yea. we are all over that bit. mason tells me... "mama, are you ready to rock?" seriously. how do they know this stuff??