Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter morning started early for us... Chandler wanted to open her basket before church so I had to wake her at 6:30 in order to have enough time!

Chandler's Ariel themed basket

Riley's Puppy-Dog themed basket

Chandler dove straight into the markers and chocolate bunnies

Riley joined us a little later... about 7:00 and was just happy to wake up to all of the excitement!


Yes, I let my 1 year old eat a chocolate bunny for breakfast. :)

Riley's Easter Bow

I didn't buy cardigans (as reported in the previous post), but someone had given me this one when I was pregnant with Chandler. She never wore it so I pulled it out for Riley. It didn't really match, but it got the job done.

I wasn't able to be in the choir's Easter production last year because Riley was only a few weeks old so I was excited to be able to be apart of it this year.

Because of choir robes and costumes, I didn't get a new Easter outfit, but here I am with the girls in my lovely "Mary Costume"... at least that's what Chandler called it. :)

"ENOUGH!" Riley was worn out! She took a nap in the nursery, but 5 hours at church is a really long time when you are so little!
Who am I kidding? 5 hours was a long time for me too!!! My voice, ankles and back were killing me when I got home!

Jonathan and Amy came over for lunch. We had quite an impressive spread. Again, I forgot to take pictures... maybe one day I'll get a photo of the 6 of us all together... and then again, maybe not! :)

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Easter!


kristy.lynn said...

i LOVE riley's bow! So cute! glad to see the girls enjoyed their baskets! :)