Monday, March 10, 2008

Lee University Flames win SSAC Championship!

Saturday night we took the girls to their first Lee University Men's Basketball Game. Man, did we pick a good one to start them out on!!!

I didn't realize it until we were almost to campus that this was the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC) Championship game... Brandon says he told me, but I must have been too busy changing Riley's diaper, washing Chandler's hair and/or making dinner to hear him. :)

Anyway, the Flames beat Emmanuel College 92-79 to claim the SSAC Championship.

Chandler's favorite part of the game? The concession stand of course!
2nd favorite? When the guys cut the net down after the game. She got right up front (with the other kids). A second later she came back to me and asked for my camera... I guess she felt like if everyone else was snapping photos she probably needed to as well. :)

Riley enjoyed the game. Actually I think she enjoyed the pizza crust Brandon gave her and all of the extra attention that she got from our "group" of fans.

Enjoy the photos...

Inside the Paul Dana Walker Arena

Riley checking out the action on the floor.

A goofy little smile for the camera

Dad, Mom and Riley... Photo by Chandler

Mom and Riley... Photo by Chandler

Chandler and Riley "socializing" with their friend

Chandler's ticket. She was very excited about it. Kids are strange!

One last time out before the big win!


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