Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday to Riley!!

Yes, Riley's birthday was on March 2nd so I'm a few days late posting, but such is the life of a mom!

We kicked off the birthday weekend last Friday by picking up my mom at the Chattanooga Airport.Chandler was equally excited by two things:
1. Seeing my mom who she hasn't seen since Christmas.
2. The escalators. :)

Saturday was PARTY DAY!

Our guests included Jaclyn and Katelyn, Joe, Tammy, CJ, Jaden and Rylee, & my mom.



After all the boring stuff (like the "real food"... Chick-fil-A nuggets, veggies, fruit, chips & dip) we opened presents.

The pink ball was a gift from big sister Chandler

Clothes from Grammy & Squire

A Little People Farm from Gran & Chief

Clothes from Aunt Erin

Cool packaging on Riley's gift from the McCullough's

Inside the cool packaging.... BOOKS!!

From Brian, Jaclyn, Katelyn and Sean

Bath time Pooh and Piglet!

A Little People Doll House from Mom and Dad.

Presents were followed by cupcakes.

Baby Einstein Cupcakes

Happy Birthday to You!

She actually tried to pick up the entire cake, but it slipped through her hands.


"Yes! I'll take a drink... I need something to wash down this cake!"

"She needs one too!"

"Cake makes me happy!"

"I LOVE birthdays! I can't wait till next year!!!"

Cupcakes were followed by playtime.

The boys enjoying the Doll House :)

Rylee playing with the Doll House

Riley and Rylee playing together

Katelyn and her "swim suit model" pose.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Riley's 1st birthday so special!

**Apologizes to Aunt Amanda. We didn't get a picture of Riley opening her present. The bunny was a hit and the dress was SO cute... you may just be seeing it in Easter pictures in a few weeks!


The Sharpe's said...

Those pictures were ADORABLE!!! Can't believe she's ONE!!! Crazy!

Now you need baby number 3? lol

kristy.lynn said...

OMG. seriously Jen. the cake. so STINKIN cute! did you make it?! looks like she had a blast! i love her little toothy grin covered in cake! :)