Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To my surprise....

Remember my cactus? You can read about it here, in one of my 3 Christmas blogs.

Remember how I loved it because it had red flowers on top?

Sometime back in January or the beginning of February I was admiring it. Especially the flowers. I said to Brandon, "I'm just amazed at how well this cactus is doing and how beautiful the flowers are even after Chandler poking at them (and being poked back by the cactus!)."

I leaned over to get a better look at the flowers and noticed something strange.... it looked like, well it looked just like a dollop of glue from a hot glue gun.... Weird.


The flowers are FAKE!!! They are glued on!

Do I love my little cactus any less? No.

I am however a little disappointed in Home Depot (or the company that supplies them with cacti**) for deceiving my lovely Uncle, Aunt and Cousin. :)

**cacti being the plural form of cactus... not cacti-poo of which our friend Eddie would like to convince you!!


judee d said...

What a downer...... At least you loved and got some enjoyment before you new the real truth. Sometime it doesn't pay to know everything, it can change your perception on things.
It reminds me of my dear mother. She has dementia and is in a nursing home. If you didn't laugh you would cry. She has some beautiful red roses and has had them for approx 10 years. When she was up walking about 1 year ago she would go and water them daily and say they have lasted a long time.
As I said if you don't laugh you would cry.
Please keep smiling and healthy

kristy.lynn said...

LOLOL. I'm dying. Seriously? I can't believe that. I can't imagine what went through your minds when you realized they were fake. UNBELIEVABLE!

Emily said...

I am glad to know "where" your blog is! I am out of town and I don't know if my husband (Jon) took the girls to church last night! I meant to remind him. His parents have a baby goat at their house (as you can see in the blog) and he has been commissioned to go take care of it every night. They wrote and said they went to see the goats so I am imagining that is where they were last night! How can anything top a baby goat! HAHA!

I am looking forward to seeing pics of your cute girls on your blog! See you at church!

Emily Stone (AKA Eloise and Lillian's mommy!)