Saturday, March 8, 2008

Give Me A "C"....

In high school I was in the BAND. I know, I know... you're thinking, "But Jennifer! You are SO COOL! I can't believe you were in the band!" Not only was I a band geek... I was the ultimate band geek. No really, I even won an award one year for being the BIGGEST band geek. I'm embarrassed that I just posted that!

That being said I, of all people, was the most surprised when I actually suggested to Chandler that she join a cheer leading program being hosted by the children's department at our church.

I have nothing against cheer leaders, but I was a band geek... if you consider all of the stereotypes, there's a huge social gap between those two groups. :)

We went to the parent meeting a few weeks ago. We had her fitted for a uniform. We bought expensive "Cheer Shoes". We went to the first practice.

The result??? Anytime you are around Chandler you may hear things like, "ready position", "daggers", "low V", "high V", "punch", "clasp", "diagonals". It's cute really and I'm glad she's excited about it.

Here are a few pictures from the first practice. They are kind of dark... Sorry! :)

Here are the girls starting practice with a devotion.
Coach Jessica is a student a Lee so Ms. Jennifer stepped in to help out while Jessica was on spring break this week.


Low "V"


For this next week we are working on the stretches that the girls will have to do each week (in addition to running 2 laps) and having sharp, crisp movements.
Yeah, I may have been a band geek, but I know something about cheer leading! :)


kristy.lynn said...

OMG. what have you done??? lol... j/k. I had no idea there was such a thing as FCC. very very cool. at least you are giving her morals along with the cheer stuff. (i'm sorry did i just say that?? maybe i'm referring to our former hs years experience!)