Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Egg Hunt 2008

Pastor Jonathan's first Egg Hunt attempt this year was rained out.... It POURED rain the whole entire day. I felt terrible that so many kids were going to be disappointed, but I'm sure I didn't even feel 1/2 as bad as Jonathan!

The hunt was rescheduled for last Wednesday night during our regular kid's classes. We met out at the new church property... some of you may not know that our church purchased a golf course as the site of our new sanctuary and future developments.

So, Wednesday.... it rained off and on ALL DAY! It cleared up for a little while (apparently, that's when the eggs were hidden) and it started raining again just before the hunt. We left our house in good faith that it would stop raining in time for the event.... plus Brandon had committed to grill hot dogs so we were pretty much locked in regardless of the weather! :)

It stopped raining just as we pulled into the parking lot!!!

However, the WIND was bitterly cold!

You may remember last year's egg hunt...

31 degrees!!! Riley was just a few weeks old so she was bundled up really good!

So, it wasn't that cold this year... I think my car temp gauge said 42 when we got in after the hunt was over. :)

Here are the pictures from this year....

On the way to the egg hunt. Riley was pretty excited about her basket!

I brought light jackets for the girls because I figured it would get cool as the sun went down... I had NO idea how cold it would be during the hunt. At least they had jackets. Some of the kids were in tank tops, sun dresses, flip flops. I knew it would be muddy from the rain so my girls were a little more prepared than some of the others.

No pictures of Riley. I was wearing her in the carrier again this year... of course she's much larger and MUCH heavier than she was this time last year. I know, I should have passed my camera to someone to get a photo of her. Maybe someone got one and will send it to me. :)

After we got home... Riley LOVED the eggs!

Chandler teaching Riley all about the importance of opening the eggs!

"Like this, Riley!"

Trying it on her own.

I don't think she really cared about the candy... she just liked the colors... and the fact that they roll on our hard wood floors!


kristy.lynn said...

are they not completely stinkin adorable in their matching jackets! OMG!