Friday, March 14, 2008

I win!

Yep that's right, I win.
If there was a prize for the best husband... Brandon would get it, but I would be the real winner because I get to be married to him. :)

Wednesday night was the BIG Royal Rangers Pinewood Derby Race. I thought it was VERY successful and ran quite smooth considering all of the excited boys you have sitting (I use the term sitting very loosely) and waiting for their turn to see their car race.

Anyway, Brandon works really hard during derby season. They work on the boy's cars on Wednesday nights during class. They have several Saturday work days in order to get the cars done in time for the race. Brandon orders trophies. He take the time to make everything just right for race night... the lights, the music, the track. He sends out detailed "job lists" so that the other commanders know exactly what is expected of them on race night.

So, here's where the husband awards comes into place.
1. On Wednesday night while he was making his "Thank You" speeches, he remembered to thank the wives of the commanders for "allowing" the commanders to spend so much time away from their families and working on derby stuff. :)
2. Yesterday just before dinner there was a knock on the door. He ordered, and had delivered 30 long stem roses! They were/are BEAUTIFUL.

You are supposed to give them about 18 to 24 hours for them to open up and look their best so I'll add a picture later... I just wanted to brag on him while it was fresh in my mind!

Thank you Brandon! You are the best husband I've ever had. :)

UPDATE!: Here are photos of the BEAUTIFUL flowers!


amanda said...

impressive! my brothers have both surprised me a lot with the sweet things they have done. i didn't know they had it in them!

Mrs. Jones said...

He also wins the best brother-in-law award I've ever had!

kristy.lynn said...

aww. thumbs up for a good job brandon! :)

lucky girl :)