Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Monday Mumblings of 2009

1. Tomorrow Chandler goes back to school. I have mixed feelings about it. I've enjoyed having her around over the Christmas break and she and Riley have been getting along really well the last few days. Riley will miss her while she's off at school... and probably be bored to death with me!

2. Chandler will be 6 on Wednesday. She's excited about taking cupcakes to her class.

3. We are taking her bowling for her birthday. She is excited!

4. Over the past week Riley has ended up in our bed several nights. She just starts SCREAMING out after being asleep for several hours. I think it's her ears again... *sigh*

5. Last night she slept across me... yes, across... her head and neck were draped over my neck. Not comfortable for either of us. Brandon tried to help me out by moving her once... actually it was probably more because she had her feet in his face... but she ended up right back where she started!

6. She probably didn't get the best night's sleep, but I'm sure it was better than the sleep that Brandon and I got!

7. Since starting this list I have been interrupted 6 times...

1st it was Riley:
R: "Bebe? Bebe?"
J: "Looking for your baby?"
R: "Uh huh."
J: "Let's find the baby."

Then she came back...
R: "Bebe nigh nigh."
J: "Does the baby need a blanky to go night night?"
R: "Uh huh."
J: "Let's go find the blanket."

Then she came back...
R: "Bebe! Bebe!" Pointing her the baby's mouth
J: "Does the baby need a bottle?"
R: "Uh huh."
J: "Let's go find the baby's bottle."

We found 2 baby bottles!

Then it was Chandler:
C: "I need a baby."
J: "You know where they are."
C: "I want the one just like Riley's" (thanks to Aunt Amanda we have TWIN babies! it saves us a lot of fights!)
J: "You had it yesterday. Where did you put it?"
C: "Oh yeah! Thanks mom!"

Then she came back...

C: "Riley won't share a baby bottle with me."
J: "Did you ask her?"
C: "Yes. She won't."
J: "Let's go ask again."

Riley is sitting happily on the sofa watching cartoons and feeding her baby from TWO bottles!

J: "Riley? Can Chandler's baby have a bottle?
R: Silence
J: "Riley? Chandler's baby is hungry. Can she have a bottle?"
R: Silence
J: "Riley? I think Chandler's baby is crying. Can Chandler have a bottle to feed the baby?"
R: "Bebe cry?"
J: "Yeah. Can she have a bottle."
R: "No."
C: "MOM!"
J: "Hey Chan. Why don't you feed your baby cereal?" (She was having frosted mini wheats for breakfast)
C: "She doesn't like them. I think she's allergic!"


8. I downloaded a new ring tone on my phone. Super Massive Black Hole by Muse... more commonly known as "the song during the baseball scene in Twilight!"

9. Now I'm just waiting for someone to call me so I can hear it...

10. Maybe the nice guys from Lowe's will be the 1st to call me! :) That will be 2 reasons to smile... my cool new ringtone and a new front door!!

Haaaaaappy Monday!