Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another week... another project...

This week we are tackling the bathroom...

The bathroom needs A LOT of work, but right now we are going with quick and fairly easy.

When we do our serious remodel (note #27 on 'the list') we will need to replace sub-flooring, the current linoleum, the cabinet and sink, and the tub... ok *need* and *would very much like to* are very different.

*get rid of the linoleum... it's pretty damaged
*have the pipes checked. we're pretty sure there's a small leak somewhere behind the wall that's causing problems with low water pressure.
*scrape all of the pealing paint off of the walls and repaint

Would very much like:
*new tub
*new cabinet and sink
*new toilet
*get rid of the peach tile that covers over 50% of the walls. *shudder*

So, for the quick and easy fix (a.k.a. all I can afford to do right now financially and time wise):
*scrape all of the pealing paint off of the walls
*prime the walls

Those 2 things alone have already created quite a mess. I'm pretty sure I'll be sweeping and vacuuming paint chips for the next several days!


Brandon took this shot of me tonight using one of my Christmas gifts! Yes, MY Christmas gift... I asked for an electric hand sander for Christmas and Brandon's parents got one for me. :)

This was the first opportunity I've had to use it, and let me say, it works quite well.

**Do you see the horrible peach tile on the walls??? *shudder*

Tomorrow I'll try to get the walls primed. :)

And in other news:
I spent ALL of my birthday money at Hobby Lobby today and I didn't even step foot in the scrapbook aisles!

I went in to get 4 photo boxes (at 50% off) to start organizing 29 years worth of photos (#20 on 'the list')... When I walked in, I found that select home decor was 66% off.
I wandered around... I can NEVER find anything I want or like when I have money to spend, but I can find 100s of things I LOVE when I have no money at all.
Is it like for for anyone else?

Today must have been my lucky day. I had money AND I found great stuff.

I'll be hanging it throughout the house over the next few days (#23 on 'the list'). I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done. :)


Miss Debbie said...

Yea!! The sander works!! Hope it makes the job easier.I'm happy that you found some things to spend your money on.I can't wait to see what you bought!

Mummy McTavish said...

YAY for birthday money!

Ick for those tiles.

YAY for the sander!

Amanda Miles said...

I'm just impressed because it's not even Feb yet and it seems to me like you are making lots of progress on that list. Maybe I need to make one.

Jenn said...

The picture of you with the sander... awesome! I'd love for you to know that you've inspired me these last few days! I'm going to my Mom's house this weekend, and will be adding a few DIY touches to her house. I will definitely take pictures and get them posted!!!