Sunday, January 4, 2009

Because Kristy tagged me. :)

1. name: jennifer
2. birthday: january 14
3. wear silver or gold: silver (or white gold)
4. favorite restaurant: olive garden or panera... depends on the mood
5. favorite junk food: currently it's turtle pie... be on the lookout for a post about it!
6. favorite candybar: mr. goodbar
7. favorite candy: peanut butter m&ms and twizzlers
8. favorite store: target
9. favorite online store: (lol)
10. do you collect anything: junk and dust! trying to quit both of those!
11. favorite movie: i can't pick one, but i really do love period films. pride & prejudice is one of my favs
12. favorite book: duh! twilight series. i also love john grisham novels, janet evanovich's stephanie plum series, and james patterson's "sam's letters to jennifer"
13. something you could never get enough of: scrapbook supplies... although my scrapbook table may argue with me!
14. favorite band: currently, i'm into jason mraz, maroon 5 and the twilight sound track
15. favorite indulgence: cute new stuff for my house
16. something you never buy yourself but want: ooooo... a nikon D90... i just can't spend that kind of money on a camera right now... or ever probably!
17. favorite color: oddly enough... since i'm not a girly girl, but i've gotta say pink... it may change tomorrow. :)
18. something you are wishing for right now: a nikon D90, a clean house, a completely remodeled bathroom!
19. favorite symbol: huh? a heart... i don't know. :P
20. who are you tagging: amy beth, mummy mct, my sister (she better do it!), sarah, and anyone else who wants to play along! :)

Check out Kristy's answers too!


Mummy McTavish said...

I dunnit. I cant believe I got to is so quickly, I am so slow at awards and memes and this sorta stuff. YAY ME!