Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today we had Chandler's birthday party at the bowling alley... is it just me, or does it seem like Chandler's birthday has lasted for FOREVER!?!?!?


She got a birthday bowling pin. :)
All of her friends signed it at the end of the party.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day...

Doesn't she look so grown up... leaning against the wall with that smirky little smile. :)

Riley eating her pizza... literally right off of the plate!

It was a lot of fun.
I think all of the kids enjoyed themselves.
I KNOW Chan and Riley did. :)



kristy.lynn said...

great pictures! i can't believe she's so BIG!!

Grannysaurus said...

Your previous post about school being cancelled on Chandler's birthday reminded me of my oldest daughter's birthday experience (she is Chimera at Castle in the Air blog). Her birthday is March 1and here that is cyclone season. When she was about 7 we had a party planned with all her friends and, you guessed it, an unplanned cyclone. It caused flooding, road damage and a blackout that lasted for days and the party was cancelled completely, not just postponed. She is nearly 30 now. I wonder if she has forgiven me yet???

Heather said...

Oh, I remember bowling on my birthday! So much fun - did you have the inflatable bumpers for the kids? I think Riley had the right idea about eating right off the plate. Much neater than trying to hold a big piece of pizza with little hands!

Mummy McTavish said...

I have been known to eat my pizza right off the plate... usually when I am dressed to go out somewhere and trying not to spill anything on myself, and perhaps another time or two as well.

Chandler is looking very grown up in that photo, glad she had a great time!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

There's nothing wrong at all with making a birthday last awhile! Such adorable pictures.