Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The count down to 30 has begun...

Yep... I'm 29. Only 364 days till the big 3-0. Wow... that's depressing! :)

So, my day wasn't too bad. Riley was in a funk all day... that was difficult.

Thank you to my little blogging community for your lovely birthday wishes! Every single one of them was special and really made my day!!

After church tonight, Brandon surprised me with a cake...


This picture is just for Mummy McT. She told me that today's Project 365 photo HAD to be one of myself...

Chandler shared her birthday crown with me. :)

Here is my yummy cake. It was so rick I couldn't finish my piece, but it was DELICIOUS!
Thankfully there were only 8 candles this year... I don't think we even had 29 candles!

This is a Project Chandler photo.
She wanted to take pictures of me opening my presents.
I guess she's been the subject of tons of birthday photos... it must be rubbing off on her!
Birthday = Pictures!

Brandon bought me a HUGE pack of Twizzlers.

Chandler had a present for me too.
She gave me her backpack and told me to look inside for my gift...
She had "wrapped" one of her blankets in her backpack.
I thought it was sweet.

So, all in all, not a bad day! :)

**I'm pretty sure this is my first post EVER that has had only pictures of me! UGH!


Mummy McTavish said...

YAY, go Chandler, get lots of photos of mummy!

So... what's in a twizzler? (I have a bit of a sweet tooth in case you havent noticed)

Heather said...

Look how cute you are! I LOVE TWIZZLERS! Also, did you know that I have that same little scallopy thing above my kitchen sink?

Anyway -- Happy Birthday! (sorry it's late) Glad you had a good day.

Also, don't worry about 30. It's actually kind of nice. It's 35 that sucks.

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

I love your top!

misty said...

bite size twizzler's are my favorite... could eat the whole pack in a day!!!

cute top! old navy???

happy late birthday - glad you had such a great one!

Renata said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm on the countdown to 30 as well (September). Cute pictures! Glad you could have a nice time with your family.