Monday, January 19, 2009

Notes on my headboard...

So many of you commented on the headboard in my guestroom. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments!!

I just thought I'd let you know how I did it in case you were feeling crafty and creative!

I started off with my plain rectangular headboard.

I bought 2 rolls of foam batting from the fabric department at Wal-mart.

I cut the foam so it would over lap the top of the headboard and the sides by several inches. The headboard has a tendency to wobble and it was hitting up against the wall. The foam helps quite the hits against the wall as well as protect the wall (It has also helped stabilize the wobbling!).

I stapled the foam into place using a staple gun.

This first piece wasn't wide enough for the height of the headboard so I had to cut a second piece the same length to cover the bottom half of the headboard.

I wrapped it around the side and around the bottom and stapled again.

It REALLY helps to have a second set of hands during all of the stapling. Brandon held the foam in place as I stapled.

Next was the fabric.

I did not take the time to hem the edges of the fabric, so instead when I cut the fabric I left an extra 2 inches so that I could fold the edges over a few times before I stapled them.

I followed the same directions for fitting and stapling the fabric as I did for the foam.

It's VERY important to pull the fabric tight and to staple OFTEN. In some places I left too much space between the staples and the fabric isn't as tight in those places. At some point I'll probably have to go back and add some more staples... we would have done it then, but we didn't notice it until it was already reassembled and put back into place.

So there you have it... pretty easy... probably not the "correct" way to do it, but I was making it up as I went along and I like the results. :)

**The fabric is upholstery fabric that I bought in a big roll (at 75% off) when Hancock Fabric was going out of business here in town.


Mummy McTavish said...

It sounds just like i've seen it on those home improvement shows. Good job!

misty said...

thanks for letting me know - sounds kind of easy! i will have to try... some day!!! ha