Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Mumblings: Injuries and whatnot

1. My tooth is "less loose" today.

2. I grind my teeth at night so I'm kind of surprised it didn't fall out over night!

3. I had to take Brandon to the eye doctor this morning.

4. He had a "cornea abrasion"... the culprit? Riley.
After my post yesterday, are you really very surprised?

5. This is his 2nd cornea abrasion in 5 years!
The first one was courtesy of Chandler at 7 months old... babies have SHARP fingernails!

6. Currently he's laying in the bed attempting to sleep.

7. I asked him if I could lay in the bed all day if I had a cornea abrasion. :)

8. He threatened to give me one! :)

9. I had a leftover cupcake (from Chandler's party) for breakfast this morning... that's been the highpoint of the day so far!

10. I finally printed my pictures from Australia. They are going into a fun photo album today... I bought it at Target back in October.

*sigh* Here's to hoping that this day gets better from here!


jennpennell306 said...

sorry about your teeth!! hope brandon feels better so you can take it easy!

LM said...

I'm glad your tooth is less loose today.
Your POOR husband!!!! I had the same thing compliments of Aubin at 5 months. (Yes those fingernails are razors!!!) PAIN PAIN does really hurt....super BAD.

kristy.lynn said...

ooo... make sure you take good care of brandon's eye ;)

here's hoping you still have all your teeth by your birthday ;)