Monday, January 5, 2009

Something else on my to do list...

Actually it's more like something else on my list of things to STOP doing.

I will not be the only one in this family taking pictures this year!

I'm NEVER in any pictures... it's my goal to BE in more pictures... not TAKING more pictures.

So, technically I didn't take today's Project 365 photo, but it's a picture that represents our days lately:


No. I'm not practicing to be one of Charlie's Angels. I'm actually doing one of the yoga poses on our Wii Fit... notice that Brandon is not letting my attempt at exercise bother his football game! :)

Brandon and I have been faithfully using the Wii Fit program in an attempt to be more active. Yes, we know that the Wii is not a substitute for getting out and actually doing physical activities as a family, but it's a good motivator on the yucky, cold, rainy nights... like tonight!

This is not the most flattering picture, but I have to loosen up and realize that if I want to be in pictures I can't be too picky about them! :)
Ugh... that's gonna be tough!


Mummy McTavish said...

My goodness you are brave. Double brave! Brave for exercising and brave for making that statement about not being too fussy about the pictures you're in. I guess Triple brave for combining the two!

Oh, and I am pretty sure when it's cold you are totally excused for not exercising outside. Goes for when it's hot too.

Heather said...

I'm never in any pictures either. Perhaps this should be a resolution of mine too?

Erin said...

Go Ospreys! Nice work-out tee :)

jennpennell306 said...

I am the same way! I RARELY ever get in pictures!
I need to work on that too!

jennpennell306 said...
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momstheword said...

I know, I used to not be able to go to bed at night unless my room was immaculate (not to mention my entire house). My 20 year old was the same way. We have both relaxed a bit, but still like to have things picked up as best we can...

Your post made me laugh. My husband is always the one taking the pictures and we would always joke about "Where's Dad?" in all the pictures. Now our 20 year old takes pictures so we have some of dad.

Nobody wants me to take the pictures, lol!

Loved the yoga pose. I am supposedly starting an exercise class soon. I think I will probably die, lol!