Friday, January 2, 2009

So far so good!

Yep, it's only day 2 of my Project 365, but I'm proud of myself for just remembering to carry my camera in the diaper bag today! :)

Brandon had to go back to work this morning... boo!

The girls and I took it easy.
We slept in a bit... the girls slept in a bit more than I did... that may be a first in our family!!
We were just lazy.
I did some laundry.
The girls watched cartoons.
Riley played with the Hotwheels racetrack we bought them for Christmas.

About noon we started getting ready for the day because...

We had a DATE!

Melanie met us at the movie theatre with Daphne, Micah, Gabe and Myles!
If Riley had been sitting in her own seat (instead of crawling all over my lap) we would have taken up an entire row of seats!

We saw Bolt. I know it has been out for a while, but we had not gotten around to seeing it yet.

If you haven't seen it, you should. Rhino, the hamster made me laugh over and over again! Although, I think Melanie laughed harder and louder than anyone else in the theatre!

I wanted to get a picture of all of us in the lobby after the movie, but it just didn't happen.

However, on the way to the theatre, I passed my camera to Chandler and asked her to take a picture of me...

I've realized that there are SO many things to learn from seeing life from a child's perspective.

Such as:
I need to pay more attention to what my hair looks like from the BACK!
I look incredibly tense when I drive... I don't feel tense, but I look it!

There will be more installments in this project... be on the lookout! :)

And picture #2 in my Project 365:


This picture says SO much about Riley and who she is right now.

1. She is FOCUSED!
2. She is determined!
3. She is a connoisseur of movies.
4. She loves CARS! Not just the movie, but actual cars... hence the Hotwheel racetrack.


Grannysaurus said...

Hi, I got here from Your comments made me wonder if all kids should be given a camera and a tape recorder. I bet we would all get some surprises, and maybe make a few changes, if we could see and hear ourselves as they see and hear us.

Jaime Lynn Barks said...

I love the idea of giving Chandler the camera. I wonder if I could train my dogs to take pictures?

Also, fellow blogger Kate is trying project 365. I have her link below. I hope I can stick with it :)

kristy.lynn said...

i love that you are including chandler!!! go you :)