Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Progress!

A few posts back I declared this as the Year of Serious Home Improvement. :)

Well, hopefully...

Anyway, we are off to a good start.

I've made a list of projects to complete this week AND next week. Fortunately they are projects that I can work on while Brandon is at work (assuming Riley cooperates!) and then he can help me with "his part" in the evenings.

Today I purchased a TV stand from Walmart...
I had seen it online and it seemed to be just what we needed. According to the website, they don't carry it in the store so we knew we would have to order it.
On a random trip down the furniture aisle today, Riley and I happened upon the TV stand we saw online!
I bought it. I brought it home. I assembled it... Brandon had to help me with some of it. :)

I'm normally quite good at following directions and assembling furniture, but I had some problems with this one.
In my defense, the directions were stupid! Only pictures. No words. NONE.

Once I figured out what I did wrong, it was a pretty simple fix... it just required an extra set of hands.

It started out like this... yes, I assembled it AROUND the toys on the floor!


The finished product.

It now houses the Wii... that means the Wii is out of my living room!

I'm shopping around for some small baskets or plastic bins to hold the Wii accessories.

This may not seem like a serious home improvement project to some people, but it's something we've just been putting off and now I can check it off of my "to-do list"!! :)

Yesterday, Brandon cut another shelf for the bathroom closet... we've only been saying we would do that since October 2005.

On list list to work on the rest of the week:
*Moulding in the guest room
*A window treatment in the guest room

I'll take pictures when it's done.

I know. I know. My guest room was supposed to be finished by Labor Day. Then I told you it would be done before Christmas... BUT... I decided on a few other things I wanted to add to the original list so HOPEFULLY it will be done this week. :)


Mummy McTavish said...

I can understand that it would be a big thing! If it's something you want done then it becomes a big thing and the longer it waits the bigger it seems to get!

YAY for getting the one you wanted.

PS. I need the instructions to have words as well, I prefer them to be in English too.

Amanda Miles said...

picture instructions are for the illiterate and non-english speakers. But I don't think it would be too hard for them to put some words on there with the pictures because I have struggled with a bookshelf before too that only had pictures! Looks great. And I know how great it feels to check something off a list when the list is pretty long.