Saturday, January 17, 2009


WAY back at post #101, I started a make over project. That was back in June... I started with the best of intentions, but life happens.

So, here we are 7 months later (almost to the day) and my guest room is finally finished.

I do have ONE more thing I want to do, but it wasn't on my original list so I'm calling the project complete based on the original desires I had for the room.

This is what the room looked like back in June...

What the room looked like back in October...

I spent a long weekend painting while Brandon and the girls were in Georgia...

I thought I was getting a nice "sunshine" yellow... instead I got Big Bird Barf Yellow!

I was frustrated and it took me over a month to work up the energy to repaint it!

This is what the room looks like today!!


I still have plans to build a cornice for the window and cover it with the same fabric that's covering the headboard.
I bought a cheap curtain rod because I intend to hide it behind the cornice.

You can see all of my Twilight books on the shelf in this picture! :)
Yes, I have 2 copies of Twilight... one paperback, one hardback!

I liked the idea of having yellow in this room... the yellow wall paint didn't work out, but I added some daffodils. :)

You can see the moulding in each of these photos. We cut it, painted it, and hung it in less than 24 hours!

It really does give the room a finished feel. We love it.

I don't think that green plant/thing is going to stay on the dresser... I'm undecided about it.

I would like to point out the headboard... I LOVE IT! It's the same headboard that's in the picture from last June, but I padded it and covered it with upholstery fabric.

I would like to get new bedding, but I haven't found anythign I really love yet.

So, there you have it! Our new guest room!



LM said...

First, your room looks GREAT!!!
....and you won't believe this, BUT the same thing (about the yellow paint)happened to us this summer when we did a makeover on our master-bathroom. Instead of waking up to a calm dappled sunlight-yellow, I have to shield my eyes from being in sensory overload by the circus-yellow. Oh well. You give me hope!

Grannysaurus said...

It looks great.
I'm glad you found the energy to fix the barf-yellow. It's a great feeling to finish a major thing like that. I've got roman blinds waiting 2 years for me to finish them.

Heather said...

You did a great job. I know you're pleased to check that item off your list.

Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful!! And the headboard does look great. That inspires me to think more about doing something to the one in our spare room. I'm proud of you two.....great work!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I LOVE this! Look at you, all creative and crafty! I especially am in awe of your skills with the headboard...that pattern is so gorgeous...I wouldn't even know where to start with something like that. Fantastic job.

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

Looks great! I love your taste! And I want to duplicate that headboard! Well done!

Renata said...

WOW - it looks fantastic!!! But I can only imagine what a shock the yellow must have been (what a shame because yellow is usually such a cheery colour). I love the head board as well - you've done such a great job - you can come & decorate here anytime!!!

kristy.lynn said...

room looks great jen!!!

Mummy McTavish said...

The room looks great! I love the mirror-windows above the bedhead.

Jaime Lynn Barks said...

I love the room and I know that you have got to be elated to have it finished. Congrats on the job well done!

Jenn said...

It looks great!! This inspired me to hang some stuff on my wall this weekend. I'll try to get a picture up soon!

Heather said...

Jen, this room is beautiful. You know how I love blue and white! Gorgeous! Great job on the headboard. If I attempted that, I'm pretty sure I would staple my fingers, and or other body parts. I'm just THAT uncoordinated.