Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ah the Birthday Crown!

So, I know you are just DYING to hear.... Did Chandler get to wear the Birthday Crown?


Yes. Yes she did!

I dropped Chandler off at school this morning and then headed home to get Riley and myself ready for the day.
I dropped Riley off at Becky's house and headed back to Chandler's school.

I got there just as her class was walking to the cafeteria.

We sat together at lunch. I watched her interact with her classmates... priceless! They are too funny!
Have you ever had lunch with 20 kindergarten students?? It's an experience EVERY parent should have! :)

We passed out the cupcakes. Some of the kids were SO polite! I was very impressed... "Thank you for the cupcakes Chandler's mom." :)

I went back to her class for about an hour... I was very interested to see what she actually does in her class. It was very insightful... she knows a whole lot more than she lets on at home! Sneaky kid!

I left her as her class was lining up to go to the computer lab.

It was a great day!

**Tomorrow the nice guy from Lowe's is coming to measure for our new front door!! WOO HOO!


Miss Debbie said...

She is adorable!! Glad the clothes fit. Sounds like you DID have a great day....I'm so grateful!

kristy.lynn said...

i'm glad that she got to have her day after all! :)